WLC Partners

Make the most of
Collective Intelligence


WLC Partners has expertise in collective intelligence, leading change and mentoring rising talent. Through increasing collaborative spirit and making employees feel better in their workplace, the resulting improvements within your company will soon have your business standing out of the crowd.

WLC offers an effective interactive workshop to unleash the leader in you.

Leadership : Level 1 for Managers

How to enhance or gain managerial leadership skills

Today’s managers are increasingly taking on leadership roles

  • Our workshop will help managers to realize their leadership potential
  • Managers will learn how to adapt their leadership style to their professional environment

Leadership : Level 2 for High Level Managers 

How to go one step further

WLC creative techniques will help high level managers to tap into their resources

  • Lead and share a vision
  • Know your personality traits and your strengths
  • Be convincing and align people
  • Think big, inspire and motivate people
  • Be original
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Understand group dynamics

Supporting Resources include access to

  • Conferences and networking events to share ideas, best practices, creating a community of leaders and managers to support collective intelligence
  • Publications, reports and webinars on topics that are concerned about developing collective intelligence and empowerment
  • Printed resources for all the participants who participate in our training programs