WLC Partners

Make the most of
Collective Intelligence


WLC Partners has expertise in collective intelligence, leading change and mentoring rising talent. Through increasing collaborative spirit and making employees feel better in their workplace, the resulting improvements within your company will soon have your business standing out of the crowd.

WLC has developed a positive methodology to train executives and managers in the art of communication. We will provide you with the tools for reading and interpreting both verbal and non verbal communication, and teach you how to improve your own communication skills.

  • We can help you be more self-aware, speak with conviction and influence people
  • Learn how to use WLC’s assertiveness techniques with confidence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Express your point of view and handle difficult situations
  • Convince and deliver a strong message
  • Work on posture and body language
  • Learn to enjoy speaking in meetings and in public and with your clients, peers and colleagues
  • We focus on giving hyper qualitative feedback
  • WLC offer a specific training for women

Supporting Resources include access to

  • Conferences and networking events to share ideas, best practices, creating a community of leaders and managers to support collective intelligence
  • Publications, reports and webinars on topics that are concerned about developing collective intelligence and empowerment
  • Printed resources for all the participants who participate in our training programs