WLC Partners

Make the most of
Collective Intelligence


WLC Partners has expertise in collective intelligence, leading change and mentoring rising talent. Through increasing collaborative spirit and making employees feel better in their workplace, the resulting improvements within your company will soon have your business standing out of the crowd.

Our aim is to bring out the best of your employees’ talents and skills to maximise their commitment to your organisation – improving company performance. Through taking care of your employees, they will take care of you!

We are first and foremost facilitators, and will work with you in a collaborative way. We are convinced that organisations hold the key to their success

WLC Partners was born from the desire to help people and organisations adopt a new approach by thinking outside the box in order to maximise on collective intelligence. We offer our expertise, and our highly effective methodology as a tool to enable your employees, managers and leaders to utilize their talents and realize their potential. This will boost business and professional skills and will greatly contribute to the development of behavioral competencies.

Our core value philosophy is to undertake permanent research, which results in innovative solutions

We will ensure that we come up with practical solutions relevant to your needs. We have developed a positive methodology-based on the art of communication and giving hyper qualitative feedback, especially within large groups, or on an individual basis. We will provide written support for our training and always update our material with new components from shared experience, case studies and inspiring theory.

  • All our programs are based on active learning using our positive methodology

Our main goals are to maximize employee potential – using our qualitative approach we will help companies invest in people to create a positive work environment

WLC Partners offer training and mentoring programs to improve employee skills, utilise talent, set goals and reach objectives, improve communication, increased involvement and the implementation of incentive schemes and creative workshops.

We are experts in implementing mentoring programs

Through participating in one of our facilitation programs, you will be able to join our International Mentoring Platform BE/come by WLC and our International Mentoring Network.

Our International Mentoring Platform is in the process of being built.